felt good fibers - sculptural wearable art by Breanna Rockstad-Kincaid
felted wool art

Using only the finest wool roving and batting (unspun wool), I create scarves, hats and other accessories.

The first stages of the felting process

To make a scarf I gently lay the wool on my work table, layering thin pieces of it one on top of another.  I lay the tuffs of wool thinly in order to better attach the fibers together through pressure. Then I wet the wool scarf with an olive oil soap and water combination. After the wool is soaked, I pat the scarf 4 rotations.

I begin to gently move it up and down on the table. I do this 10-12 rotations. The fibers begin to felt at this point but need to be fulled (vigorously felted).  At this point I wring most of the water out and throw the scarf forcefully on the table 50 times. This brings the fibers together tightly and forms the felt scarf.

The final stages of the felting process

The final step is rolling the scarf on a matt for at least 12 rotations.  At the end I have a beautiful finished scarf made from the pressure, warmth, and agitation of my two hands.

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